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Vanx  was  started  by  passionated  ice  hockey  players,  who  have  tremendous  love  for  the  game and  still  play  with  much  joy.  We  are  a  versatile  group  of  people  with  different  backgrounds, clubs, and  playing  level.    
But  we  all  share  the  same  love  for  the  game  and  want  to  make  it  better  and  more  affordable for  all  to  play  ice  hockey.  

Are there any outstanding questions about products, does the size fit, or is there this racket, ice skate, etc. in other versions? Ask our specialist staff on site or send an email to our customer service info@eishockey-onlineshop.de. We are at your disposal and take the time to answer all your questions.