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Stick Composite True A6.0 SBP Senior

Stick Composite True A6.0 SBP Senior


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Stick Composite True A6.0 SBP Senior



  • Player Profile:     True's A6.0 was made for the NHL elite player all the way down to house league players. This is the all around pro stick designed for the player looking for unmatched raw power, balance and strength.
  • Kick Point / Flex Profile:     Smartflex technology - Mid to Low Kick
  • Shaft Construction:     Axenic technology combined with SmartPly technology and SmartFlex technology
  • Shaft Geometry:     Traditional with double concave walls
  • Shaft Coating:     Light matte grip
  • Shaft Taper:     Slight, Gradual
  • Blade Core:     Foam core with BRT Technology. Seamless braided tubes located at the center and bottom of the blade
  • Blade Wrap:     100% 3k carbon fiber
  • Blade Coating:    Matte finish
  • Weight:  400g (Sr)



  • TRUE one-piece construction
  • process which combines a compression molded shaft into a true one-piece construction
  • a process so innovative it was awarded a United States patent
  • the shaft walls thin towards the top while the blade laminates build the wall thickness back up, resulting in very consistent walls and amazing balance
  • the blade is then co-molded with the shaft, without any post-bonding


  • optimized performance, weight, and durability of a shaft
  • up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft
  • fiber angles and the order of those angles can drastically influence flex, torsional response, and impact strength of a shaft
  • 3K high quality material used
  • very impact resistant trough compression molding
  • countless hours in the lab perfecting the most optimum laminate design
  • the result – the most optimum laminate designs to maximize performance and durability while minimizing weight

Active Bond:


  •     advanced blade design
  •     multi, full length ribs join the front and rear faces of the blade
  •     dual rib optimizes energy load transfer during the flex of the blade
  •     this prevents the foam core from breaking down so the stiffness and power output is consistent over the life of the blade
  •     True engineers were able to remove 10 grams of weight from current high end blade designs
  •     amazing balance only found in True sticks


  •     composite design technology that utilizes a various stiffness distribution to make the shaft flex in specific areas depending on the type of shot
  •     improved player performance in every situation
  •     the top of the shaft is softer to allow the player to optimize their leverage and power without having to put their entire weight distribution        behind the shot
  •     this increases performance on wrist shots (quick release) and gives players a better feel for puck control, pass reception and passing
  •     from the center of the shaft to the blade, the flex is optimized to again maximize leverage while maintaining accuracy through slap shots, one        timers and even face-offs
  •     Smartflex gives players the edge under all conditions

Please note the following:
Left hand down = racket left
Right hand down = bat right