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Stick Composite True A4.5 SBP Junior

Stick Composite True A4.5 SBP Junior

  • Hand: Right

  • Flex: 45

  • Pattern:


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Product.Nr. A45SBPJR

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Stick Composite True A4.5 SBP Junior



  • Player Profile: Designed for all types of players who are looking for performance, balance and strength.
  • Kick Point / Flex Profile: Constant Flex technology- Mid -Low kick
  • Shaft Construction:     Axenic technology combined with SmartPly technology
  • Shaft Coating:     Light matte grip
  • Blade Core:     Foam core with BRT Technology. Seamless braided tubes located at the center and bottom of the blade
  • Blade Wrap:     Carbon fiber/ fiber glass
  • Blade Coating:     Matte finish
  • Weight: 380g (Jr)




  • TRUE one-piece construction
  • process which combines a compression molded shaft into a true one-piece construction
  • a process so innovative it was awarded a United States patent
  • the shaft walls thin towards the top while the blade laminates build the wall thickness back up, resulting in very consistent walls and amazing balance
  • the blade is then co-molded with the shaft, without any post-bonding


  • optimized performance, weight, and durability of a shaft
  • up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft
  • fiber angles and the order of those angles can drastically influence flex, torsional response, and impact strength of a shaft
  • 3K high quality material used
  • very impact resistant trough compression molding
  • countless hours in the lab perfecting the most optimum laminate design
  • the result – the most optimum laminate designs to maximize performance and durability while minimizing weight

Please note the following:
Left hand down = racket left
Right hand down = bat right