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Runner Byonic Super Black coated for Bauer Edge

Runner Byonic Super Black coated for Bauer Edge

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Runner Byonic Super Black coated for Bauer Edge

What makes Byonic different from regular runner?

Byonic Blades have a patent xLite upper profile design (nothing else like this on the market). This design feature allows them to be up to 40% lighter than leading OEM and Aftermarket blades.
Please see attached blade weight comparison to see what that equates to over the course of game play. Fun fact 1 gram of blade at rest equals 4 grams of blade at full stride extension.

All blades are precision laser cut and come out of the box with a 9/10 slight forward pitch profile (8/9 for juniors). This eliminates the need for cross grinding during the first sharpen and facilitates aftermarket custom profiling.
Laser cut process ensure all blades are identically matching for maximum control and stability.

All blades are made with certified high strength stainless steel for maximum edge retention and impact fracture resistance. Hardness 50 - 54 HRC. Up tp 55% greater edge life than leading OEM

3 available surfaces Superpolished, SuperBlack and Custom Color Coated. No other blade manufacture offers this number of options.

How do the colour options effect performance or quality of the runners?

Custom Color are EPD (Electrophoretic) coated. An automotive process that enhances rust corrosion properties and glide. The custom colours are strictly for cosmetic purposes only.” Look good. Feel Good. Play Good."

- How do your runners (all colours) compare to STEP and Bauer/CCM (black runners in particular)

Byonic Superblack Blades are processed using a vacuum nickel plating method. We believe it is more effective than DLC coatings primarily because it does not alter the properties of the substrate material.

Benefits of Byonic ?

Lighter – allows one to explode in and out of pivots and accelerate through crossovers with added quickness and control
Stronger - greater edge retention for extreme power, agility and bite
Faster – optimal surface finishes for enhanced glide and max. speed

Compatible with all Bauer Tuuk Edge systems.