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Boomerang Passer Trainingsboard

Boomerang Passer Trainingsboard


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Boomerang Passer Trainingsboard

The Boomerang Passer™ is designed for individual players to practice their stick handling skills at home. Our unique system simulates the ice surface and sets up on virtually any flat surface. Practice hand speed, shooting, passing and receiving in your driveway, basement or garage, when you want and virtually where you want. Player’s can practice proper hockey body mechanics all while developing quicker hands with a quick release. Set-up at any angle in front of the net to simulate real game passes, pick your target and get the shot off quick, just like in a real game. Strengthen your passing, receiving and shooting skills and you will see a difference in your game.

Product Features
The Boomerang Passer™ is made of high density polyethylene to simulate the ice surface and sets up on virtually any level surface. The 30″x96″ passing surface is pre drilled for easy passer installation and comes complete with all the required mounting hardware. Simply mount the passer to the surface and you are ready to set-up on your driveway, garage or basement floor. Begin your stick handling training today.

Player Benefits
Have you ever noticed when you watch a hockey game at any level that the puck is rarely stationary? Have you ever noticed that most hockey team practices consist of mainly working on team systems and the better that each individuals player skills are, typically the better the systems are played? Well here is where the using the Boomerang Passer™ can help. It provides an opportunity for players to practice their individual skills virtually where they want and when they want. This product is designed to simulate the ice surface, allows players to use the same hockey stick that they would use in their regular game and it keeps the puck moving all the time, without the need of another player to pass the puck. The Boomerang Passer™ always keeps the puck moving so you can practice that quick release to beat a goaltender and a one-timer that they’ll never see coming.

What’s in the Box
1 Boomerang Passer™
4 High Impact passer legs
1 30″x96″ Passing Surface
1 Reaction Cord
1 Hardware Mounting Kit
1 Instruction Sheet

Weight         13.00 lbs
Dimensions     12.00 x 12.00 x 30.00 in
Passing Surface Width     30″ (76)
Passing Surface Length     96″ (244cm)
Passing Surface Thickness 1/10″ (.100)
Passing Face     20″ (50cm)

Made in Canada