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Grit is a top end manufacturer in hockey bags because they offer an extensive amount of organization from top to bottom. Wheel bags are great for the player who loves to be organized and is looking for a sturdy bag that will last. Backpack bags are a good choice for anyone looking for a bag that can be easily carried from one rink to the next. Goalie gear wheel bags have never made it easier to transport your gear without having to hassle with carrying your pads on your shoulders or your sticks in your hand. Each bag includes a large shelving unit so you can place each piece of your gear for easy access and accelerated drying times.

Are there any outstanding questions about products, does the size fit, or is there this racket, ice skate, etc. in other versions? Ask our specialist staff on site or send an email to our customer service info@eishockey-onlineshop.de. We are at your disposal and take the time to answer all your questions.