Wheels Marsbalde Dinamic Indoor 74A 4 pcs 68mm

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  • Size 68mm

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The Wheels Marsblade Indoor 74A is a set of four high-quality inline skate wheels designed specifically for indoor use. These wheels are crafted to provide exceptional performance, durability, and control, making them ideal for skating on smooth indoor surfaces such as rinks or gym floors.

With a hardness rating of 74A, these wheels offer a perfect balance between grip and speed. The softer durometer ensures excellent traction, allowing skaters to maintain control during quick turns and maneuvers while still providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Marsblade Indoor wheels are engineered to reduce vibration and absorb shock, minimizing fatigue during extended skating sessions. Their precision design ensures optimal weight distribution, promoting stability and agility on the rink.

Whether you're a casual skater looking for reliable performance or a competitive athlete seeking an edge on the competition, the Wheels Marsblade Indoor 74A 4 pcs delivers the durability, grip, and responsiveness you need to elevate your skating experience Indoors.

Manufacturer: Marsblade
Category: Inline Hockey
SKU: F10-4031-4
GTIN: 850040344356
Type‍: Player
Hardness‍: Indoor
Brand‍: Marsblade
Size‍: 68mm