Hockey Tape for Sticks & Socks

Welcome to the world of professional hockey, where tape plays an indispensable role! With us you will find high quality tape for various applications. Our online shop carries a variety of tape options in different finishes and designs to suit your individual needs. Whether classic black, bright colours or trendy patterns - you will find the right tape for your needs with us. The stick tape, carefully applied, not only gives your stick a better grip but also a longer durability so you can take your game to the next level. For the perfect fit of leg guards during the game, we offer a wide range of sock tapes. Rely on trusted brands like North American Tapes, CCM, Warrior & Co. who have made a name for themselves in the hockey scene. If you have any questions about our ice hockey tapes or other items in our range, our specialist experts will be happy to help. Get ready for optimal performance and discover the best tape for your game!