Stick Warrior QR5 PRO 54-Inch 50 Flex Junior

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left hand bottom = left stick
right hand bottom = right stick

  • Blade Curve 
  • Hand 

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Key Technologies

FuelCore Ultra Blade
Completely redesigned to maintain puck feel, pop and strength longer than ever. With the Minimus Carbon 25 weave, Ultra isn't just stronger but lighter than before too.

R.L.C. 188 Construction
This highest-grade construction utilizes only Warrior's most advanced materials and processes. R.L.C. 188 provides top-tier performance and overall balance.

Edge Taper
A unique, angular hosel magnifies the already lightning-quick shot release with extra velocity and accuracy.

Construction: R.L.C. 188
Materials: Uni-directional Minimus Carbon
Grip Finish: Tacky Slide Grip
Shaft Dimensions: Round Corners, Straight Sidewalls

Flex Profile
Kick Point: Low Kick
Shot Profile: Quick-releasing
Shaft Taper: Edge Taper

Construction: FuelCore Ultra
Materials: Minimus Carbon 25
Face Texture: Textured

Manufacturer: Warrior
Category: Sticks
SKU: QR5P502
Age Group‍: Junior
Hand‍: leftright
Flex‍: 50
Stick Length‍: 54 Inch
Blade Curve‍: W03W28
Brand‍: Warrior
Family‍: Covert