Stick Composite Fischer CT950 Junior Right / 50 / 92

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Currently out of stock

The top model of the new Fischer racket series. Here is the Fischer CT950!

With 405 grams of weight, the racket is very light, robust and stable. He also has one or the other feature:

The RHT (responsive hosel tech) provides higher torsional stiffness, better shooting accuracy, technique and puck feeling.
The dual foam core blade also provides a more sensitive puck feeling and even faster puck release.
PrimeTex® technology (very tight and sparse woven carbon fiber) requires less resin for manufacturing.
This has the consequence that a noticeable weight reduction is possible.

Curve 92 (standard) is similar to Bauer P92, CCM P29, Sakic

Please note the following information:

left hand down = stick left
right hand down = stick right

Manufacturer: Fischer
Category: Sticks
SKU: H10418JR-2
GTIN: 9002972438752
Handedness‍: right
Age Group‍: Junior
Flex‍: 50
Blade Curve‍: 92
Brand‍: Fischer
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