Stick Bauer Nexus E50 Pro 62-Inch 87 Flex Senior

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The BAUER Nexus E50 Pro is a mid kick point stick that allows for even easier loading of the shot, resulting in even higher speed when releasing the puck. The ER Spine Technology is used in the shaft, a five-sided shaft that provides a perfect feel and promises full control over the puck. This is perfectly complemented by the Dualcell Bridgecore Technology in the blade. Weighing only about 400g, the Nexus E50 Pro is very lightweight and allows for quick movements on the ice.

  • Blade Curve 
  • Hand 

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Introducing the S24 NEXUS E50 PRO GRIP STK, available in Senior, Intermediate, and Junior sizes:

  • Level: Elite
  • Flex: 87 Flex
  • Patterns: P92, P28, P88, L/R
  • Weight (g): 400g
  • Shaft Technology: MID KICK, ER SPINE, UD CARBON
  • 62" Stick:
    • 87 Flex [P92, P28, P88], L/R [1063746]
    • 77 Flex [P92, P28, P88], L/R [1063747]
  • 60" Stick:
    • 70 Flex [P92, P28, P88], L/R [1063748]
  • 58" Stick:
    • 65 Flex [P92, P28, P88], L/R [1063749]
    • 55 Flex [P92, P28, P88], L/R [1063750]
  • 54" Stick:
    • 50 Flex [P92, P28], L/R [1063751]
  • 52" Stick:
    • 40 Flex [P92, P28], L/R [1063752]
Manufacturer: Bauer
Category: Sticks
SKU: 1063746
Age Group‍: Senior
Handedness‍: leftright
Flex‍: 87
Blade Curve‍: P28P88P92
Brand‍: Bauer
Family‍: Nexus