Smart Hockey Ball MAXX

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The heavy version of the original smart hockey ball...


  • Patented 2-piece ball technology combines Surlyn shell with high-density, low rebound space-age thermoplastic core to give training ball the exact feel of an ice hockey puck.

  • Solid core covered by the surlyn shell eliminates any pliancy or "smushing" of the ball between the stick and the skating surface whether you're training on a tennis court, basketball court, paved street, driveway or down in your basement.

  • The SmartHockey Training Ball MAXX weights 10oz. The extra weight allows to strengthen the player's wrists while developing his stickhandling skills.

  • Diameter of ball is 2.165 in, making the height at which it contacts the stick 1.09 in, which is less than one tenth of an inch higher than an ice hockey puck.

  • Dropped from a vertical distance of three feet a frozen ice hockey puck and the smart|hockey stickhandling and shooting ball only bounce 11 in.

  • Surlyn shell rolls or slides over any surface at any temperature at the same rate that a puck slides on fresh ice without becoming pliant or "smushy" making it perfect to develop quick, soft hands necessary to become a good stick handler.

  • Size: 5,5cm

  • Color: grey

Manufacturer: Smart Hockey
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