Goalie-Stick Warrior Ritual M3 PRO Senior black TWT right 26 Inch

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Blocker right = Stick left (Regular)
Blocker right = Stick right (Full Right)

  • Blade Curve TWT
  • Colour black
  • Paddle Lenght 26 Inch
  • Hand right

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R/M3 PRO Goalie Stick

R/M3 PRO Goalie Stick

  • Asymmetrical Shaft Geometry (Senior & Intermediate): Provides improved handling and control.
  • Minimus Carbon 12: Offers lightweight construction with high performance.
  • Minimus Construction for Low Kick Point (Senior & Intermediate): Enables quick release shooting and passing.
  • SlideGrip Technology: Enhances grip for better control.
  • Mirror Chrome Details: Adds stylish accents.
  • Glossy Paddle & Blade Finish: Provides a sleek appearance.
  • Industry Standard Paddle Lengths: Offers various options for paddle length.
Manufacturer: Warrior
Category: Goalie
SKU: M3P26L4-3
GTIN: 0647742729129
Age Group‍: Senior
Paddle Length‍: 26 Inch
Hand‍: right
Brand‍: Warrior
Family‍: Ritual