Goalie-Stick Warrior Ritual M3 Intermediate

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Blocker right = Stick left (Regular)
Blocker right = Stick right (Full Right)

  • Blade Curve 
  • Paddle Lenght 
  • Hand 

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Currently out of stock

R\M3 Goalie Stick

R\M3 Goalie Stick

  • Minimus Carbon: Provides a lightweight construction.
  • Minimus construction: Offers a low kick point & quick release for Senior & Intermediate players.
  • Conventional shaft geometry: Ensures familiar handling.
  • SlideGrip technology: Enhances grip for better control.
  • HiFused Construction: Provides a super light balanced feel.
  • Impact Fiber Layer Shaft: Increases shaft durability.
  • Glossy paddle finish: Adds a sleek appearance.
  • Industry standard paddle lengths: Offers various paddle length options.
Manufacturer: Warrior
Category: Goalie
SKU: M323IL4
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