Floorball Stick Tempish PHASE F29 NB Senior right 100cm

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  • Hand right
  • Length 100cm

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Floorball stick PHASE F29 NB - the design is made with new technology, in a distinctive color design with a matte finish. The PHASE F29 floorball is for everyone who plays floorball regularly and wants a quality stick. The construction of the pole is characterized by a stable deflection. The floorball pole together with the NOXX blade and the PHASE GRIP wrap is an ideally balanced unit, which with its properties is equal to all other top floorball sticks. To achieve these properties, TEMPISH uses special types of glass fibers and, above all, a unique process of folding and directing the individual layers, which after baking determine the properties of the pole and the entire floorball stick. The 29 mm stick hardness is suitable for men, women and juniors. An excellent stick for those who want good control of the ball and at the same time a sharp and accurate shot. The stick is equipped with a new NOXX blade. A modern cut-out blade that is characterized by excellent ball control. It is designed so that shots and passes are very accurate. The PHASE GRIP wrap is used on the stick, which fits perfectly in the hands, does not slip and absorbs sweat well.

Lengths: 90 cm, 95 cm, 100 cm

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