Catch Glove Warrior G7 PRO Senior black Regular

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Regular    = Catch Glove: Left Blocker: Right
Full Right = Catch Glove: Right Blocker: Left

  • Colour black
  • Hand Regular

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R\G7 PRO SR. / INT. Trapper

R\G7 PRO SR. / INT. Trapper

  • Dimensions Extend at the Thumb: Enhances a wider catching shape by extending dimensions at the thumb area.
  • Index to Mid-Thumb Closure: Offers closure from the index to mid-thumb for secure puck catching.
  • New Cuff Design: Enhances wrist mobility with a new cuff design.
  • Removable Liner in 75 Degree Finger Positioning: Features a removable liner positioned at 75 degrees for optimal finger positioning.
  • CoverEDGE+ Design: Incorporates a CoverEDGE+ design for improved durability.
  • HyperComp Reinforced Core: Utilizes a HyperComp reinforced core for enhanced protection.
  • Single Tee Pocket with AxyFlex Tee: Includes a single tee pocket with AxyFlex Tee for reliable puck holding.
Manufacturer: Warrior
Category: Goalie
GTIN: 0647742728474
Age Group‍: Senior
Hand‍: Regular
Colour‍: black
Brand‍: Warrior
Family‍: Ritual