Blocker Warrior G7 PRO Senior

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Regular    = Catch Glove: Left Blocker: Right
Full Right = Catch Glove: Right Blocker: Left

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R\G7 Pro Sr. / Int. Blocker

R\G7 Pro Sr. / Int. Blocker

  • 20 degree board shape improves rebound speed and predictability: Enhances the performance by improving rebound speed and predictability.
  • Enhanced wrist mobility: Provides improved mobility for the wrist area.
  • Full range of motion finger guards: Offers full mobility for the fingers.
  • Increased index finger protection: Provides added protection for the index finger.
  • Adjustable side index finger protection: Allows customization for better fit and protection.
  • CoverEDGE+ design: Incorporates advanced design for enhanced durability and protection.
  • Removable and adjustable palm: Provides versatility and customization options for the palm area.
  • Adjustable contoured thumb and finger protection: Allows customization for comfort and protection in the thumb and finger areas.
Manufacturer: Warrior
Category: Goalie
Age Group‍: Senior
Hand‍: RegularFull Right
Colour‍: blackwhite
Brand‍: Warrior
Family‍: Ritual